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  • Ability to manage large user databases from our site
  • Increase employee efficiency and accountability with our various system options
  • Utmost consideration for your confidential records and information
  • Enhanced services such as networkable surveillance and card access systems with the ability of remote management
  • Back-up and redundancy protocols for disaster recovery situations
  • Large list of well known clients across various industries including banking, and national franchises
  • Priority response and state of the art verification services - ECV - Enhanced Call Verification

Business security system design, installation, service and alarm monitoring

If your business requires a variety of electronic security systems and services, one call to Prism Electronics will do the job.

Because we can custom-design a security system to meet your specific requirements, Prism Electronics offers all the protection you need from Video Surveillance to Access Control to 24/7/365 Monitoring – all integrated and from a single security company.
Businesses in New Jersey use Prism Elecronics for security because they value our quality systems and local, professional, customer-driven responsive service that assure the best results. Our Commercial Division is fully equipped to install and service everything your business needs.

Just ask any one of our well-known and satisfied customers. Our client references are available upon request.


Prism Electronics, Inc. understands that your business is your livelihood and that a quality alarm system can help protect your business and reduce the probable occurrence of theft.
There are so many different types of alarm systems made by many different manufactures, as an end user, it can be very overwhelming.  We made a business decision long ago to sell some of the most advanced and reliable alarm equipment on the market today.  We have partnered with DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) one of the premier security equipment manufacturers.

Why DMP?
Founded in 1975, Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has grown to become a recognized leader in network solutions for fast, cost-effective, centralized security monitoring in applications of all sizes. DMP helped launch the digital communications revolution in the security industry and continues to set standards for networked intrusion, fire and access control systems.

The company's reputation for excellence throughout its 35-year history can be traced to innovations in diagnostics, flash-memory uploads for ease of upgrading, and improved device supervision—including two-way wireless.

DMP research teams developed security applications for network communications early in the evolution of networking, giving DMP a depth and breadth of understanding that translates into the most advanced IP-ready solutions available today.

DMP is a privately held independent manufacturer of innovative intrusion,  fire,  access control,  network, and cellular communication products that are designed and
made in the United States of America. DMP is the recognized leader in alarm communication over data networks, with products available exclusively through
professional electronic security companies.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Prism Electronics, Inc. is a Licensed New Jersey Company which is certified and is required to maintain it’s licensing thru Continuing Education.  

Our experienced Technicians make sure that installations done right and ontime as well within budget.

Prism Electronics, Inc. adheres to the International Building code (New Jersey edition) which requires the system to be designed by an Engineer who will provide you with drawings that will illustrate the location of devices. We provide all the necessary documents to the township for approval. Once approved, we can start the job. Once finished, we will provide you with the NFPA 72 Record of Completion Certificate and the NFPA 72 Inspection Report and arrange for the Final inspection.

The Fire Alarm equipment that we install is manufactured by DMP or Firelite, is addressable, which means that the system will pinpoint the location of Fire or trouble condition.
Our Fire Alarm Systems communicates to COPS Monitoring, a UL certified Central Station with highly skilled operators available 24/7.
We are committed to each installation from start to finish, as well as guaranteeing what we sell and install, giving our customers the peace of mind that is expected.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Early warring plays a key role the ability to safely evacuate a building during a fire emergency. As a result a lot is riding on fire alarm system’s ability to operate and function properly. So much so, in fact that state law prohibits the occupancy of any portion of a building until the required fire alarm and detection system has been tested and approved. Further more, the State codes requires that such systems be inspected and maintained in an operative condition at all times in accordance with NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code.

Our Fire Alarm Inspection technicians inspect tests and maintain Automatic Fire Alarm Systems. Our field technicians have certified training by the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.). Inspections include percent testing, cleaning and labeling of all associated devices.We then give you a complete and thorough report to provide to your municipal inspectors based on the N.F.P.A. guidelines.

Access Control

Access Control Systems regulate the movement of people into and within your building to help protect your employees, property and company information. You will have the ability to view where people are on your premises at any given moment—real time. This is a cost-effective means of preventing unauthorized entry as well as providing a permanent record of anyone on your premises.