COPS Monitoring

There are so many Central Station Monitoring services available, to the end user, it can be very overwhelming and sometimes meaningless. That is why we made a business decision long ago to partner with COPS Monitoring.

Since 1978, COPS Monitoring built their foundation and success on helping independent alarm dealers like us to become more successful. Today, COPS Monitoring is the one of the largest independently-owned wholesale monitoring companies in the United States with four load-sharing sites, they have been serving Independent Alarm Dealers like us for over 34 years.

This is important for the following reasons:
First, as Prism Electronics, Inc. grows, they grow, and so does their ability to service our Customers.  COPS customer base that spans North America, Canada, and the Caribbean requires them to develop, maintain, and improve upon robust and industry-leading services, monitoring capabilities, They have the unique ability to provide large company benefits while maintaining a "HOMETOWN" level of personal service.
Second, their four load-sharing centers give us the unparalleled ability to provide fast, efficient, and professional monitoring, even under the worst conditions. Having multiple centers not only gives us backup in the event of unlikely equipment failures, it also means that COPS can staff any one of their four central stations in the event that local conditions here in NJ  prevent their dispatchers from getting to work. 

In addition to their three redundant mainframes that monitor our accounts in their New Jersey headquarters, they also have two more redundant mainframes in one of the world's largest and most reliable data centers (the SuperNAP) in Las Vegas.  This is a level of reliability that other monitoring companies just don't have

That’s why we chose to partner with them.

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